Tufted Queen Headboard

Tufted queen headboard. A tufted queen headboard not only adds glamour to your bedroom but it also adds comfort to your bed. It’s a very easy to do project that can be done in an afternoon.

Reducing the plywood as well as gauging

I advise having your plywood cut at your regional equipment shop or lumber backyard, however if you desire you could reduce it on your own. Determine from the flooring to the elevation you desire your queen headboard to be as well as reduce your plywood to these dimensions.

Reducing the foam

Lay the foam on the flooring and also lay the cut plywood ahead. With the pen trace the form of the plywood on the foam as well as suffice with the energy blade or a set of scissors. Due to the fact that the batting will certainly go over and also smooth the sides, do not fret concerning reducing it completely.

Exploration the holes for the switches

Considering that the head board is going to be standing on the flooring you simply require to do this to the leading component that’s going to be noticeable. Pierce openings in the board where you put the marks.

Positioning the batting

Cut the batting in a method that there is sufficient additional batting on all sides to cover around the plywood and also the foam. Turn the plywood with the foam as well as batting connected as well as lay it level on the flooring. Carefully draw the batting and also staple it to the back of the plywood.

Treatment the headboard with material

Lay the material on the flooring best side down as well as position the batted plywood on top in a means that is focused on the textile. Staple the textile to the back of the plywood the very same means you did the batting making certain to extend securely as well as uniformly as you staple around the board.


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